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Brotherhood of Shadows Puzzles

Brotherhood of Shadows Puzzles There are 5 tests that you must pass within our temple. Only the fastest one will become our brother!

Helio Adventures Puzzles

Helio Adventures Puzzles Will you rescue the trapped balloons? This is a Puzzle-Adventure where you have to avoid the bad guys, collect stars and rescue the trapped balloons on 16 unique levels. The first levels are easy, but the game gets really challenging on advanced levels.

Those Messy Guests Puzzles

Those Messy Guests Puzzles You know those guests I rented my beach house to? They left the place in a mess. Please, help me find my things in this mess!

The King\'s Inquisitor Puzzles

The King\'s Inquisitor Puzzles One of the king\'s guards is a traitor. He has been practicing witchcraft. You need to go there and find some evidence.

dnf对对配 Puzzles

dnf对对配 Puzzles 喜欢dnf的朋友,快来玩这款游戏吧!找出两个相同的角色,时间越短,分数越高!

Match Jung แมทช์จัง เกมส์จับคู่ภาพเหมือน Puzzles

Match Jung แมทช์จัง เกมส์จับคู่ภาพเหมือน Puzzles Match Jung แมทข์จังเกมส์จับคู่ภาพเหมือน

Gravity Water Puzzles

Gravity Water Puzzles Slide iron plates to release water.rnThis puzzle game is designed to train your brain.rnSlide iron plates to create a path for water to flow out of the box.rnUnique situations. Unlimited arrangements, physical and gravity forces are brought together in this game.rnFewer slides you make to release the water, the more points you earn.

Prizma Puzzle Challenges Puzzles

Prizma Puzzle Challenges Puzzles Prizma Puzzle Challenges is a new tile-based puzzler with the smooth and addicting gameplay, the fabulously 3D rendered graphics and excellent music. Try to complete all 8 zones with 40 levels and a lot of achievements!

Woodland house escape Puzzles

Woodland house escape Puzzles Woodland house escape is a point and click escape game. you were stucked in a woodland lonely during travelling there is no one to rescue you from that forest.To escape fom that forest you need to collect birds,eyes,candy and more things and by solving clues you\\\'ll get a key to escape from that lonely woodland forest.Good luck!!Have fun!!

Fruit Deduction Puzzles

Fruit Deduction Puzzles "Fruit Deduction" is based on a classical puzzle game. You need to guess a correct combination of fruits. You can propose different combinations, compare results and using deduction and logic give your answer. Follow next rules: 1. Fruits in every combination must be different. Don't repeat the same fruit twice. 2. To get a result you need to fill all plates by selected fruits. none of plates can be empty.