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Knock Knock Who's there ! Amahl ! Amahl who ? Amahl shook up !

Farmer: What would you do if a bull charged you? Mary: I'd pay whatever it charged.

Knock Knock Who's there ! Craig ! Craig who ? Craig in the wall !

Edney and Cole, two Ohio Edison electrical repairmen, were working on a blown house circuit. "Hey, Cole!" said Edney. "See those two wires?" "Sure," Cole answered. "Now just grab one of them." Cole grabbed one of the wires. "Feel anything?" asked his partner. "Not a thing," answered Cole. "Good!" said Edney. "Don't touch the other one or you'll drop dead!"

What's the difference between a general practitioner and a specialist? One treats what you have, the other thinks you have what he treats.

"Do you turn on your computer with your left hand or your right hand?" " My right hand." " Amazing!Most people have to use the on/off switch."

Which of these jokes do the pigs like best? The corniest ones.

What did the stupid ghost do? He used to climb over walls.

Knock Knock Who's there ! Chloe ! Chloe who ? Chloe's Encounters of the Third Kind !

Knock Knock Who's there ! Bosnia ! Bosnia who ? Bosnia bell here earlier !

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