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Where does a burger feel at home? On the range!

Yo mama so clumsy she got tangled up in a cordless phone.

You can't have any more chocolates tonight. It's not good for you to go to bed on a full stomach. Oh, Mum. I promise I'll lay on my side.

How does a skeleton call her friends? On a telebone.

Why do cannibals make suitcases out of peoples heads? Because they're headcases !

A tourist asks a man in uniform, "Are you a policeman?" "No, I am an undercover detective." "So why are you in uniform?" "Today is my day off."

Which meatballs get a little tipsy on occasion? The POTTED ones!

When is your birthday? 17th January. What year? Every year!

Knock Knock Who's there ! Amour ! Amour who? Amour you eat, the more you want !

What stories are told by basketball players? Tall stories!

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